Dear Reader:
It is our pleasure at Sublingual Multimedia to present the most thorough online resource on the city of Teleopolis and the circumstances of its creation. Because of the importance of this material, pains are being taken to release new information as quickly as is safe for our sources. We feel especially with material of such obvious public interest that time should be taken to ensure ideas are presented in their full context in a manner that is pleasing and harmonious to the senses as well as in line with SM's aesthetic philosophy as it has developed over the previous decades.

More frequent updates and goings-on at the studio can be found on our social media pages. We hope you enjoy your time on our webpage.
-Sublingual Multimedia Archival Staff

Teleopolis in the Media

Telos of Teleopolis

Views of Teleopolis

Subjectivity Warning!
These images of Teleopolis are artist's renderings based on descriptions by early "Teleonaut" Lana Astashkin while on paid leave at Sublingual Multimedia's Healing Through Creativity Compound in Bucks County, PA. Because of the indirect nature of contact with the fabric of Teleopolis these materials should be regarded as subjective and fleeting impressions.


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