Lifespan of a Citizen of Teliopolis

Citizens of Teliopolis are created through an injection molding process out of raw material from the central supply. The age of a Teliopolan is measured in labor-units, or LU's, which signify the total number of "cycles" of labor-time that a citizen has spent in Teliopolis. Every 1000 LU's constitutes a labor-year, or 1KLU. At birth, Teliopolans are identical, colorless, odorless, and somewhat formless. A Teliopolan will increase in size by a factor of ten over the course of its life but unlike a biological lifeform, its proportions remain constant the entire time.

By the age of 5KLU's, a Teliopolan will have gained its Mood-Tone as well as some individuated features and is ready to engage with edutainment software, which first teaches and then instills a sense of dread designed to wean the child off of software and prepare it to exercise its productive capacity. A celebrated moment in a young Teliopolan's life occurs when it decides to put away its devices and begins to spontaneously organize production processes using whatever material is available. This is sometimes called "The Awakening." Children are encouraged to learn in groups, which is believed to precipitate The Awakening.

Teliopolans spend their lives enthusiastically throwing their bodies into the processes of creation that surround them. Later in life, a Teliopolan will begin to concern itself with a higher order of organization and may take a stance on the processes that form Teliopolans and compel them into production. Contributing to the discourses surrounding production is considered by many to be just as productive as participating in production itself. At the age of 45KLU Teliopolans begin to fall into a deep malaise characterized by expressions of ennui and nostalgia in preparation for a pilgrimage at 50KLU back to central supply where they are turned back into raw material.