Worker's Comp case file for early "Teleonaut" Lana Astashkin

5/28/27 - Statement of risk filed for Lana Atashkin, a 22-year-old FBI Agent stationed who volunteered to be the first human to enter Teleopolis after its activation.

6/12/27 - Atashkin first enters Teleopolis through an arpeture in the geodesic dome. An agency safety officer was present on-site to ensure that all safety procedures were followed. Insertion protocal involves suspending the agent in a harness between two drones. The harness was designed to be worn with an insulated bodysuit and spread the wearer's limbs increase surface area for contact with Xenon rays. Atashkin is blindfolded to increase focus on non-visual sensations, and equipped with a breathing apparatus. Drones take Atashkin on a 15-minute loop around the island and then return her to the testing platform where an on-site medic evaluation identified no ill effects from exposure to Teleopolis.

6/15/27 through 7/15/27 - Atashkin makes a total of 10 more journeys through Teleopolis totaling 8 hours in the dome. Descriptions of the experience prove inadequate to provide any substantive information on the state of Teleopolis.

7/18/27 - Agency decides that the amount of data that can be gathered from further trips in this fashion is limited and focus is placed on improved visualization technology. Atashkin takes two weeks off work.

8/5/27 - Several days after returning to work, Atashkin reports experiencing a vague anxious sensation for about 30 seconds during a meeting, which was distracting enough to cause her concern that she didn't absorb the presented information. Atashkin's psychologist immediately places her on paid leave and contacts those agents familiar with her situation to discuss next steps

8/7/27 - Atashkin and colleagues decide the best course of action is to enroll her for an indefinite stay at Sublingual Multimedia's Healing Through Creativity Compound in Bucks County Pennsylvania, a facility with a longstanding record of public service dating back to the beginning of the Aesthetic Era.

9/8/27 - After a month of orientation, Atashkin settles on a routine involving throwing ceramics, riding bicycles through the countryside with other patients, and landscape painting. No further incidents of anxiety are reported during this time.

9/16/27 - Atashkin first reports dreaming of Teleopolis. All counsellors at SMHTCC are trained in representational painting and keep accurate visual records of patient's dreams.

9/24/27 - Agent Emerald visits Workers Comp offices personally to discuss change in Atashkin's employment status. Her tuition at SMHTCC going forward is to be covered under the Emerald Expressive Agents Scholarship. "We all want to see where she's going with this" he leaned in closely and whispered in my ear. Even as I close this case file, the feeling of his breath against my neck lingers in my memory.