Three workers performing glass blowing techniques in front of a furnace

Excerpt from SMHTCC interview:

SM Counsellor: This is a very intimate, private scene we've been working on. There is also a certain tension. Would you say this is a Teleopolan family unit?

Atashkin: Well, that's a loaded term.

SM Counsellor: Yeah.

Atashkin: Up until now we've been calling this an arrangement or a grouping.

SM Counsellor: Sure, that's how I would describe any image, but I'm wondering if there is a deeper context here.

Atashkin: This group at the moment exists in terms of the selection they are making about their environment. But also their shared experience of selection. It's hard for me to describe.

SM Counsellor: That's alright.

Atashkin: It has to do with the way they're touching. So there are the three Teleopolans and the device, and you can see that they are all connected in a loop.

SM Counsellor: It's like a circuit. And this has to do with the energy you mentioned earlier?

Atashkin: I think so. For a teleopolan, what we might call an aesthetic impulse can be transferred by touch. So it's very important that everyone is making skin-to-skin contact while making a big purchase. The chair, when it arrives, will become a symbol of this experience, because it contains that same balance of energies. So it is, like you said, intimate.

SM Counsellor: And what happens afterwards?

Atashkin: Well, you also said there is tension. Now that tension has a physical form, which they all have to live with, and sit on.

SM Counsellor: Ah. I can see how it gets complicated.

Atashkin: Mhm.