Teleopolan workers disassembling a tree

Excerpt from SMHTCC interview:

SM Counsellor: This is - well, we've seen processes of assembly. This is a process of disassembly.

Atashkin: Yeah.

SM Counsellor: What is a tree in teleopolis?

Atashkin: Well, I think for us, beyond the tree growing as a physical process, there is also the idea of the tree as raw material. But we can only use trees to make wood, because we are limited by the material properties of that physical process.

SM Counsellor: Right.

Atashkin: I think what we have here is less like disassembly and more like reconceptualization. Teleopolans are taking this natural form and returning it to regular pieces of geometry, which was presumably what this tree was created from.

SM Counsellor: So you're saying this tree wasn't grown, but was crafted by Teleopolans hundreds, or even thousands of cycles ago?

Atashkin: It might've started out as pellets, I've seen Teleopolans use molding techniques to make natural forms like this. But keep in mind that there was an actual ecosystem on the island before the dome was built.

SM Counsellor: So the physical wildlife was an input into the simulation as well as whatever images of nature were contained in the initial symbol package.

Atashkin: Yeah, I was blindfolded when I was there though. So I just felt the presence of the tree.

SM Counsellor: Do you keep up to date on the latest images out of Teleopolis?

Atashkin: You know, I've really been focused more on landscape painting lately.