Three Teleopolan workers performing glass blowing techniques in front of a furnace

Excerpt from SMHTCC interview:

SM Counsellor: What, in your view, is the difference between the glassblowers in your dream and glassblowing in, for lack of better terminology, our reality?

Atashkin: I think, and this is just the sense I get from my casual knowledge, that glassblowers are concerned to a certain extent with physics and understanding their work in terms of material science. Then, there is also an intuitive understanding that comes with experience, and touch.

SM Counsellor: Sure.

Atashkin: When I think about my experience in the dome, I'm not sure if any of these concepts are applicable to the Teleopolan's understanding of labor. The question of training, of how the body and mind relates to the material, is irrelevent. Teleopolans can exercise a high level of craft even if they are involved in a process for the first time. But the flipside of that is that work is judged entirely in terms of emotional conviction and the message and meaning of the product. So a lot of Teleopolans don't stick with one thing for very long. This is a little hard for me to explain...

SM Counsellor: You learned this detail in your dream?

Atashkin: Yes and no - well, I think looking at your painting helped me make the connection. It was a very visually rich dream but I had to match it with the sensations I experienced while floating in the dome.

Atashkin: It's coming along very well, by the way.

SM Counsellor: Thanks. It's just a complex scene and I haven't painted in a while.

SM Counsellor: Actually it's pretty normal for a dream counsellor to cry during a session. It's one of the most emotionally taxing roles at the compound.

Atashkin: I understand.